Angular 6 – Soft & Sweet

Angular 6 – Soft & Sweet

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Angular 6 – Soft & Sweet

Angular 6 - Soft & Sweet, Learn the Angular most confusing parts in a soft and sweet way!

Created by Reza Ahmadi

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What Will I Learn?
  • Develop great apps using Angular
  • Work as an Angular developer
  • Pass Angular interviews
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Very basic knowledge of JavaScript or any other language

The focus of this course is to teach difficult parts of the Angular framework in a soft and sweet way!

The teaching style is soft to remove any pressure from your mind and let you learn by just watching the videos in a relaxed way. The presentation speed and the voice tone that I use are carefully chosen to help you feeling this softness :)

This course is sweet too in a way that you will enjoy learning every piece of it. I have used a special method to teach the difficult parts in a way that you learn without even noticing the hardness of them. There will be no confusing parts.

For every 10 minutes of this course I have spent around 3 to 4 hours to find the sweetest way to teach that part. My goal is to teach difficult concepts in a way that the learners do not realise that they are learning something hard.

realise that there is no difficult part in this framework. It is not because there is no confusing part but it is because I have tried hard and spent a lot of time on  finding the easiest way to teach difficult concepts so that you do not feel the

More topics need to be covered here and I am working on them. I am publishing it now so that I can get your valuable feedback while I am working on the rest of it. I will complete the course gradually using your comments and feedback so please do not forget to leave comments/reviews.

This course is free at the moment as it is not complete yet.

Enjoy :)

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