Cyber Security: From Enthusiast to Analyst

Cyber Security: From Enthusiast to Analyst

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Cyber Security: From Enthusiast to Analyst

Cyber Security: From Enthusiast to Analyst, Join the growing army of enterprise defenders upon grasping cyber security basics and adversaries tactics & techniques

Created by Mobolaji Moyosore

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What Will I Learn?
  • Articulate the primary goals of cyber security as it relates to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information systems, as well as protecting an organization’s brand and reputation
  • Explain the importance of the people, process and technology elements of a cyber security program
  • Demonstrate how they will add value to the business of any organization
  • Relate cyber security activities to the vision, mission and goals of any organization
  • Understand different cyber security roles such as analyst, specialist, architect and administrator
  • Explain the relationship between security policy and security standard
  • Gain a good understanding of cyber threats, threat actors and different types of malicious software
  • Be able to explain common terms such as phishing, spear phishing, spoofing, drive-by download and watering hole attacks
  • Be familiar with common types of threat actors – such as hacktivist, cyber criminal, nation state, insider, individual hacker and unethical competitor – and their various motivations
  • Be able to explain different phases of a cyber attack (using specific examples such as the popular Cyber Kill Chain and Mandiant Attack Lifecycle models) from the perspectives of an adversary and an enterprise defender
  • Gain an appreciation of vulnerability in relation to how a cyber attack may be realized or neutralized
  • Understand common types of vulnerabilities, vulnerability identifier and scoring systems, as well as sources of vulnerability intelligence
  • Learn about high profile cyber attack breaches, what led to them and what could have be done to prevent them
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Acquire the right knowledge and develop the skills required to become an effective SOC analyst - Defend. Detect. Respond

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