Get More Dates: The Introverted Man's Guide to Dating Apps

Get More Dates: The Introverted Man's Guide to Dating Apps

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Get More Dates: The Introverted Man's Guide to Dating Apps

Get More Dates: The Introverted Man's Guide to Dating Apps, Meet more women and fill your schedule with great dates using my step-by-step approach to dating apps

Created by Josh Johnson

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What Will I Learn?
  • How to get more matches on dating apps
  • Create comfort with women through honest, fun conversation
  • The reality of how dating apps work and what women really look for
  • Know exactly how and when to ask a girl out so that she's excited that you did
  • Build your confidence to improve your dating life and life in general
  • Set up the logistics for fun dates that she won't flake on
  • How to start conversations in a genuine way
  • None, although some experience on dating apps is a bonus!

Did you know that over 10 million people check Tinder every single day trying to find dates?

And that’s just from 1 dating app!

Yet there are millions of guys swiping right every day and not getting anything out of it.

If you're not happy with your dating life, now's the easiest time to start filling your schedule with more dates regardless of what dating app you’re using or how much dating experience you have.

As an introvert, I struggled to get dates earlier in my life. But as I got older, gained more confidence and started using dating apps like Bumble and Tinder, I slowly figured out how to chat with girls and set up dates.

Most guys are intimidated by dating apps or just don't know what to do... but the reality is that if you take the right approach and put in just a little bit of effort, you can take advantage of the millions of girls that want to go on fun dates with guys like us.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn:

- What’s going on in the modern dating app world and the reality of what girls look for in guys

- How to focus on what you want to make your dating app experience even more successful

- The 3 key mentalities you need to give yourself the best chance at success

- How to improve your profile to get as many matches as possible

- My 2 go-to opening lines that have got amazing response rates for years

- How to start and continue a conversation in a natural, genuine way (with real examples of what I say and why)

- What to do if she stops responding

- How to get girls itching to go out with you

- Exactly what to say to a girl to get her number and a date

- Best first date ideas and which ones to use in any scenario

But that's not all. Because dating apps are so much more than watching some (awesome) videos, I also included bonus resources to help you get more dates and meet more women:

Dating App Journal Template - A journal entry resource that accompanies Lesson #2, where I help you outline your goals and plans to achieve them. With a better idea of what you want in your dating life, you’ll be in a better position to succeed.

Self-improvement and Mentality Boosters - I discuss self-improvement a lot in the 1st half of the course, but I wanted to include even more resources because of how important it is (not just for dating, but for life). This bonus includes a quick discussion on the best practical ways to improve your mentality for all aspects of life, including a breakdown of exactly how I keep my mentality as positive and confident as possible and my favourite (free) resources & articles.

Real-life Dating App Conversation Breakdowns - I include examples and screenshots of real life dating app opening lines to show you exactly how to get responses almost every time and I also go through 5 entire conversations with real matches analyzing each of my messages so you get an idea of what a complete conversation looks like from start to finish. I haven’t seen anyone break down dating app conversations like this before!

When was the last time you wasted money on Tinder Plus, Match or a crappy date that didn’t go well because the girl just wasn’t excited from the beginning?

I’ve never spent a dollar on dating apps and neither should you!

Imagine having more matches than you can handle and not having enough days in the week to book exciting dates with girls who want to go out with you? Because that’s the reality for guys like me and if I was able to do it, I know you can too.

It’s all about the approach. And with my approach, I know you’ll see amazing results.

All the best!

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