Learn Hacking Windows 7 Remotely from Scratch

Learn Hacking Windows 7 Remotely from Scratch

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Learn Hacking Windows 7 Remotely from Scratch

Learn Hacking Windows 7 Remotely from Scratch, Secure your Computers from Windows 7 Remote Exploits of Hackers

Created by Vijaykumar Uddhadi

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What Will I Learn?
  • Will be able to Hack Windows 7 Remotely
  • Setup safe Environment for Pentest
  • Discover Vulnerabilities in Remote Machine and exploit them to gain full control over those machines
  • Gather information of target machines with Kali Linux tools
  • Hack Secure systems using Social Engineering attacks and client side attacks
  • Capture Keystrokes on a Compromised Systems
  • Learn Linux Basic Commands
  • Learn Scanning Target Machine with IP Spoofing Technique
  • Learn Using Metasploit-Framework from Scratch
  • Find Accurate Vulnerabilites with Nessus
  • Learn Writing Scripts that Automate Exploiting Machines with in a Seconds
  • Then Finally, Students able to protect Computers from Remote Exploits of Hackers
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