SEO Audits Made Simple + Screaming Frog SEO Spider DEMO

SEO Audits Made Simple + Screaming Frog SEO Spider DEMO

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SEO Audits Made Simple + Screaming Frog SEO Spider DEMO

SEO Audits Made Simple + Screaming Frog SEO Spider DEMO, A practical SEO audit walk-through to help you fix any search engine optimization issues to improve your Google rankings

Created by Sasha Miller

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What Will I Learn?
  • Perform an SEO audit for REAL WORLD applications quickly and turn the findings into an action-plan.
  • For students that want to follow along - downloading Screaming Frog SEO Spider (It's FREE) will be helpful + an internet connection.
  • If you're a total beginner, I do my best to explain as I teach but, you'll get more out of this course if you already know SEO basics, like optimizing titles, meta descriptions, inserting H1 tags, etc.

Are you struggling to rank for your keywords in Google?

Is it a battle to get visitors to your site?

Have you found that when visitors DO visit your site, that they often leave soon after?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions - you're ready for an SEO audit!

If you're here - you already know SEO is important for anyone looking for free organic traffic.

But proper search engine optimization is more than just tossing in a few keywords into your content...

There are many factors (over 200 to be exact!) that can affect our rankings in Google.

With all the tasks we have to handle as business owners - it can be tricky to keep track of it all...

...and often times - we miss things.

Chances are - there are a few things that are holding you back from achieving the rankings you've been wanting.

That's where an SEO audit comes in!

Why Take the Time to Do an SEO Audit?

The whole idea behind performing an audit is to analyze core elements that can be improved so that we can fix those things, perform better in the search engines and win more customers!

When I say core elements, I mean checking factors that are most important to search engine rankings like: your traffic, content, on-page optimization, proper linking structure, and user navigation - just to name a few.

By periodically auditing crucial SEO factors on our site & fixing them - the better we're able to control our visibility & rankings.

Overview of What We'll Be Covering Inside:

How to Setup Your Site in Google Search Console, Webmasters & Analytics

How Your Brand Appears in the Search Engines

Checking Your Site Speed

Analyzing Your Traffic

How Your Brand Appears to Prospects

Site Navigation & Structure Analysis

Content Analysis

Authority (Backlink Analysis)

Influence (Social Media Analysis)

Tips if you're struggling to keep people on your site

Tips if you're not ranking for your brand name

Tips if you're not ranking for your main keywords

Content Marketing Tips for 2018

and MUCH More!

Tools we'll be using inside the course:

(to get a head start - feel free to sign up for the following tools:)

Screaming Frog SEO Spider (FREE version *good for up to 500 urls)

Google Analytics, Webmasters, Search Console

Yoast SEO plugin (FREE version)

SEMRush (FREE version)

Is This Course for You?

While there are a number of other courses out there - I designed this course for entrepreneurs and business owners that need a PRACTICAL, real-world SEO audit that can be completed in just a few hours (not days!)

If you follow my method that I'll be teaching you inside - you'll see just how SIMPLE it can all really be!

My Guarantee

I think you're gonna like how straight-forward and practical I made this course but, if you aren't satisfied, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there's nothing to lose and a LOT to gain!

So let's not waste any more time - enroll now and we'll begin!

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