The Novice's Guide to Mastering Processes

The Novice's Guide to Mastering Processes

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The Novice's Guide to Mastering Processes

The Novice's Guide to Mastering Processes, Learn how the ability to understand and master your processes is a powerful tool for you and your organisation.

Created by Jason Guest

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What Will I Learn?
  • Describe the purpose of any process and how it’s structurally organised.
  • Explain how grouping processes together supports organisational competitive priorities.
  • Explain the various ownership roles and how they support processes.
  • Describe why process management actually matters and what are the main process decisions organisations must make.
  • Be able to correctly observe and map any process within your organisation
  • Ensure you won’t make common mistakes or fall for misconceptions about processes.
  • Build process maps which are useful to your organisation.
  • Analyse any organisational process to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Know the four basic mapping symbols you need to able you to get started mapping processes.
  • Understand how to use different types of process maps depending on the story you want to tell.
  • Understand how to create and utilise swimlane process maps.
  • Course is set at a Novice level - Already have some knowledge about processes and what they are.
  • Beginners with no knowledge of processes are welcome - just follow the steps in the course to become a Novice.
  • Open mind to learning new ways to look at process management and process mapping.

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