Rest API Automation With Rest Assured - Novice To Ninja

Rest API Automation With Rest Assured - Novice To Ninja

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Rest API Automation With Rest Assured - Novice To Ninja

Rest API Automation With Rest Assured - Novice To Ninja, Join the "Most Popular" Rest API Automation Course With Basics To Advanced Level Framework Implementation From Scratch

Created by Lets Kode It

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What Will I Learn?
  • ***** At the end of this course, you will have detailed understanding of REST API Automation Frameworks
  • You will be able to EXPLAIN, DESIGN and IMPLEMENT structured AUTOMATION FRAMEWORKS using RestAssured Libraries
  • *** In-depth understanding of REST API Automation using RestAssured with real time examples
  • Thorough understanding of REST testing tools like POSTMAN, Advanced REST Client
  • Write efficient and less redundant code using RestAssured Specifications
  • ***** We have 10 dedicated INSTRUCTORS to help you with queries within 24 HOURS, resume preparation
  • You will be able to run complete Test Suite using TestNG and Maven
  • You will have complete understanding of TestNG Framework
  • ***** You will have excellent command on Build Management using MAVEN
  • You will be able to create REPORTS using TestNG
  • ***** You should be able to lead any Selenium Automation Project from scratch on your own
  • With all this knowledge gained, you should be easily able to clear Selenium Automation interviews

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