Essential JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS Training

Essential JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS Training

Essential JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS Training
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Essential JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS Training, Learn the essentials you'll need to get started with JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS.

Created by Simon Sez IT

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What you'll learn
  • How to run basic JavaScript programs
  • Using primitive data types
  • Basic program syntax including strings, operators and numbers
  • Using conditional statements and loops
  • Arrays, multidimensional arrays, arrays methods, looping through arrays
  • Functions, scope functions, self-invoking and anonymous functions, callback functions, functions that return functions
  • Working with objects
  • The Module Pattern
  • Document Object Model
  • Event handlers and event listeners
  • Understand the basics of the jQuery syntax.
  • Know how to set and retrieve values.
  • Use jQuery effects to apply special effects to web pages
  • Work with jQuery to traverse and filter the DOM.
  • Understand how to use jQuery selectors.
  • How to use Google Chrome as a browse-based development tool.
  • How to combine jQuery events with jQuery selectors.
  • Know how to capture a mouse event.
  • Discover how to record user events that occur on the user’s browser window, a great way to discover usability issues.
  • Using jQuery UI, another framework built on JavaScript and jQuery, allowing you to develop rich interface features. This allows you to build a lot of functionality with a small amount of code.
  • Understand jQuery UI elements, dialog features, a date picker, and special effects.
  • Learn some of the more popular jQuery plugins you can use to expand the functionality of jQuery and reduce the code needed to create.
  • Discover how to use CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) capabilities via scope binding.
  • Learn about data binding, controllers and creating simple apps.
  • Discover the benefits of using Angular.
  • Understand the Angular HTTP service.
  • Learn about using Angular in IDE projects.
  • Discover why using custom directives is important.
  • Become fluent in AngularJS terminology.
  • Write quicker, better AngularJS code and ultimately save time by using reusable components.

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