The complete Javascript ES6 course.

The complete Javascript ES6 course.

The complete Javascript ES6 course.
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The complete Javascript ES6 course., Upgrade your javascript knowledge to 6.0
Created by Coding Revolution
What you'll learn
  • You will learn ES6 from the ground up.
  • How to use the tools ES6 provides to code at today's standards
  • Requirements
  • Knowing a liitle bit of HTML, CSS and Javascript, everything else you will learn it as we go.

Upgrade yourself with ES6 !!
Want to take you JavaScript knowledge to meet today's standards ? so this is the course for you.
Right here you will learn ES6 from the ground up.
Right know in the web development industry, there is a growing demand for modern web framework such as REACT, Angular or VUE. So mastering ES6 syntax will put you in a place were you can create amazing web apps and meet today's standards.
This new version of JavaScript comes with a lot of new features and a bunch of updates for the old ways. We will cover every new piece of syntax ES6 provides to us as well as the updates that made this language great, but now makes it better.
Starting from the foundation of JS Array helpers such as "foreach", "map", "reduce", "for..in", then we will learn the new ways to interact with our code with "Object literals", "template strings", "default arguments" ,"classes" and we will end learning the hard stuff of ES6 like "Generators" and "modules".

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