HTML5 and CSS3 Training

HTML5 and CSS3 Training

HTML5 and CSS3 Training
HTML5 and CSS3 Training, Become a Web Developer / Web Designer / Front End Engineer /Architect with this comprehensive training on HTML5 and CSS3


What you'll learn
  • Become a Full Stack Web Developer / Designer / Front-end Engineer
  • Downloadable booklet on HTML5 and CSS Interview Questions and Answers
  • 100+ downloadable HTML code files for practice
  • Deep knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 with practical application projects
  • Setting up a website environment
  • Understand in detail the programming constructs of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Create a proper HTML5 scaffolding for the type of application that you’re creating
  • Differences on using HTML5 for web and mobile
  • How to correctly markup text so that it is sized properly for various screen sizes and densities
  • What is HTML, Difference between HTML and HTML5, Doctypes, Headings, Paragraphs, Text Formatting, Anchors and Hyperlinks, Tables, Lists
  • Classes and IDs, Data Attributes, Linking Resources, Include JavaScript Code in HTML
  • How to create usable, functional forms to gather data from your users
  • What is CSS and how is it used? What is CSS3?
  • Using HTML with CSS, Images, Image Maps, Input Control Elements
  • CSS Rules, Advanced CSS
  • Forms, Div Element, Sectioning Elements
  • Navigation Bars, Label Elements, Output Elements, Video and Media Elements, Progress Elements, Selection Menu Elements, Embed
  • iframes, Content Languages, SVG, Canvas, Meta Information, Marking up computer code, Marking-up Quotes
  • How to embed iFrame content from outside sources and make it fit seamlessly into your HTML5 page
  • Tabindex, Global Attributes, HTML5 Cache, HTML Event Attributes, Character Entities, ARIA
  • Responsive Web Design, Media Query, HTML Symbols, HTML WebWorkers, HTML WebStorage
  • Changing CSS with JavaScript, Structure and Formatting of a CSS Rule, Comments, Selectors
  • Strategically use HTML5 comments to document your code
  • Background Color, Background Gradients, Background Image, Background Shorthand, Background Position, Background Size, Multiple Background Image
  • Centering, Using Flexbox, Using CSS transform, Box Model, Box Sizing
  • Margin, Padding, Border, Outlines
  • Overflow, Floats, Font Size, Text Transform, Flexible Box Layout (Flexbox)
  • Cascading and Specificity, Colors, Opacity, Length Units, Pseudo-Elements & Positioning
  • Grid, Tables Transitions, & Animation, 2D Transforms & 3D Transforms, Filter Property, Box-shadow
  • How to integrate multimedia elements such as audio, video and animations into your HTML5 content
  • Shapes for Floats, List Styles, Counters, Functions, Single Element Shapes, Columns, Inline-Block Layout, CSS Image Sprites

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