Modern Javascript For Beginners 2020 - Course + Projects

Modern Javascript For Beginners 2020 - Course + Projects

Modern Javascript For Beginners 2020 - Course + Projects
Modern Javascript For Beginners 2020 - Course + Projects, The ultimate beginners course for Javascript - Learn Modern Javascript for 2020 with a plenty of examples and projects


What you'll learn
  • A thorough introduction to the Javascript programming language
  • Information storage using variables and constants (both ES5 & ES6 methods)
  • Using the console to debug your code, check errors and retrieve intermediate outputs
  • Creating dynamic storages using variables and Javascript's different datatypes, including complex and simple ones
  • Javascript's strict mode and how it regulates your code
  • Type conversions in Javascript (including NaN, undefined and null)
  • Various ways to show outputs and get inputs from the users
  • Applying the various operators available in Javascript on your strings, numbers and boolean values
  • What are template strings (backticks) and when & how to use them
  • Working with strings and applying the various pre-defined string methods available to you on them
  • Creating numbers and manipulating them with a range of pre-defined number methods
  • Creating conditions using the if and switch statements
  • Creating loops using the for, while and do while loops and applying the break and continue statements on them
  • Creating both 1D and 2D arrays for varied storage and applying various pre-defined array methods on them
  • Working with dates and the Math object
  • Creating user-defined functions in Javascript (including anonymous functions, return, this & self-invoking functions)
  • The basics of Object Oriented Javascript (Creating objects, their properties and methods and manipulating them)\
  • An introduction to Javascript's Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Retrieving various HTML elements and manipulating them
  • Manipulating the CSS styles of various elements
  • Using event handlers to create an action-reaction effect in your web pages
  • Apply what you learn via various exercises, fun puzzles and real world projects

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