Slim 4 Authentication (Micro Laravelification)

Slim 4 Authentication (Micro Laravelification)

Slim 4 Authentication (Micro Laravelification)
Slim 4 Authentication (Micro Laravelification), Slim 4's micro framework is about to be Laravel-ified (Eloquent, Email, CSRF, Controllers, Service Providers, DB)


What you'll learn
How to setup Slim 4 & slowly make it a fully fledged Php framework similar to Laravel
Slim 4, with Laravel Blade Templates
Define Global Functions Via Composer Autoloading
Slim 4 Controllers
Slim 4 Service Providers Similar To Laravels
Slim 4 Http Kernel & Console Kernel
Whoops Page, within Slim 4
.env file and variables within Slim 4
Integrate With Laravel's Eloquent ORM into Slim 4 to allow for simplified Database Interactions
Integrate Cake Php's Phinx Package Into Slim 4 allowing us to create migrations & seeders
Create Factories With Faker -- From Scratch
Creating a Slim 4 Console Kernel
Integrating Symfony Console Commands -- Allowing Easy Creation of Custom Console Commands
How to integrate Vue JS
How to integrate Tailwind CSS
Register, Logout & Login Authorization Logic
Redirect Middleware (Based on whether the user is Authorized Or A Guest)
Code Refactoring & Clean Up
CSRF Verification
Request Validation Setup (Using Laravel's Illuminate Validation Component)
Symfony Sessions
Using Symfony Sessions To Properly "Flash" Error Messages To Front End
Setting Up Validation Rules To Check Validity Against Persisted Database Data
"Old" Form Input Repopulation On Form Validation Failure
Refactoring controllers & creating a Simple Form Request Class
Sending Emails In Slim 4 (Custom Mailable Class Using Swift)
Configure Mailtrap io to catch locally sent eMails
Flashing success on submission success

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