*NEW* AJAX beyond fundamentals

*NEW* AJAX beyond fundamentals

*NEW* AJAX beyond fundamentals

*NEW* AJAX beyond fundamentals, Practical & fun AJAX. HTTP Basic Authentication, CORS, Modules, how to create RESTful APIs. Master XHR, FETCH and AXIOS


Created by Clyde Matthew


What you'll learn *NEW* AJAX beyond fundamentals

  • *Download lectures (for offline viewing)
  • Learn how to send authentication information using XHR and Fetch
  • What are RESTful APIs
  • How to use AJAX with XHR, Fetch and Axios
  • How to access JSON and text data from a server response
  • What is Apache and how it differs from Node
  • How to set up an Apache server, a PHP server and a Node server
  • Single-Origin-Policy vs CORS
  • Preflight vs Simple CORS requests
  • Basic HTTP Authentication using AJAX
  • How to allow cross-domain requests with AJAX
  • How to access XML data from a server response
  • What happens when an AJAX request arrives at the server
  • How a server can handle an AJAX request
  • How to use Postman to test your server side routes
  • How to use Nodemon to speed up your server side development process
  • ES Modules vs CommonJS modules
  • What are CORS errors, and how you can fix them
  • Practical - build awesome dynamic front-end AJAX examples with me
  • I am here to support you, step-by-step
  • From beginner to expert (advanced +)
  • You will emerge an expert
  • Gives you depth of knowledge to boost your ability and confidence to built dynamic websites


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